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Brunk Morgans

"One of the most prominent families in modern Morgans is that bred for many years by the Brunk family in and around Springfield, Illinois, established in 1893 with Joseph Brunk.

 The family’s horses were known for their high action, sound, correct legs and feet and all around athletic ability. They were often line-bred and usually high quality, showy individuals. Their influence is felt strongly in the ranch breeding of the west known as the Western Working family.

The original group of Morgan horses purchased by the late Joseph C.. Brunnk before the turn of the century were bred similarly to the old Lippitt founndation mares. These were old Daisy and Lucy, both by Billy Bodette, one of the best bred stallions of his day, carrying as he did lines back to Billy Root, Royal Morgan and the Hubbard horse. On mares of this type and breeding, Brunk first used the fine stallion Morgan Rupert by Ethan Allen 3rd. The Lucy-Rupert cross produced the stallion Senator, sire in turn of the great mare Senata, whose dam was old Daisy.

Later the stronger trotting lines of Daniel Lambert were added to increase both action and size.

Senata, with close to 100 lines back to Justin Morgan, remains the foundation stone of the Brunk line.. A grand champion mare in her own right, her name is found with great frequency behind the best horses from this strain.

Known for outstanding temperament, splendid action and great elegance, Brunk Morgans are probably best known by the great stallions Jubilee King (Penrod X Daisette) and Flyhawk (Go Hawk X Florette).

Jubilee King (1927) was a big golden chestnut with flaxen mane and tail. He was rich in the blood of Daniel Lambert and is remembered for his superb style and his highly carried tail. His naturally high carried head was topped with tiny ears and gentle eyes. These characteristics as well as his springy step and big, wide-open trot are found in his descendants through many generations. 

Flyhawk (1926 black stallion) was well known as one of the greatest sires of the Morgan breed — he sired many great Morgans and his influence is still seen in many breeding programs who seek his big, ground-covering trot, dense bone, toughness and athleticism. The cross between Flyhawk and Senator Graham is considered by some breeders to be the golden cross in Morgan breeding.”

Some other important Brunk Morgans include:

Senator Graham, 1940 chestnut stallion. Worked all his life on a ranch and never set foot in a show ring, but seventeen World Champion stallions and ten World Champion mares have him in their pedigree.

Mr. Breezy Cobra, 1954 stallion. An in-hand, park harness, and park saddle champion, he also sired many great show horses.

Beamington, 1966 bay stallion. A son of Mr. Breezy Cobra, Beamington was just as successful as, if not more than, his father both in the show ring and the shed.

Additional information obtained from the website of Welcome Ranch.


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